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Plan Genie is the simplest and fastest way to build a working business plan – and we teach you how to plan while you go!  With our easy to use interface, and video assistance to help you understand not just how to plan for your success, but why planning is so important.

Simply put, we take the complication out of creating your business plan. By following our step by step instructions, you can have your plan completed in as little as a few hours.

We want you to use Plan Genie over and over to revise your business plan, and have it grow with your business. Plan Genie is Business Planning on your terms.

Why do we plan? How do we plan? When do we plan?

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Plan Genie is an Intuitive Online Business Planning Tool

We take the complication out of creating your business plan. By following our simple and easy to follow process, you can have your plan completed in as little as a few hours. Use Plan Genie over and over to revise your business plan. Create Action Item lists and accelerate your business growth.


No more back of the napkin business planning. Plan Genie users save time and money every month, keeping their business organized, well communicated and up-to-date.


Online business planning anywhere, anytime – planning online. Mobile options make collaboration easy, with the security you need – we provide the same level of encryption as a bank, your work is safe and secure!


Share your business planning. No need to meet face-to-face to create a jointly crafted business plan. Work collectively either at the same time or when your schedule allows. Save time and money through cloud collaboration.


Business training is critical to business success, but most business owners claim they don’t have the time – Plan Genie is simple, effective business training to help you and your team reach the goals you set.

Customer Support

Our sole purpose is to build happy business owners. If at anytime you need help, simply email us at info@plangenie.com and a real person will answer your questions.

Live Action Plans

No time for a meeting? Want to share the tasks in a simple, effective way. Get instant insight into who is doing what in the business with detailed action plans for every critical area of your business.

What Our Clients Say About Us

The whole process was key to helping me lift myself out of the day-to-day micromanagement that we CEO’s sometimes get ourselves bogged down in.

Marcus ClarkOwnerClark Freightways

Plan Genie is a practical methodology that any business can use to take them from where they are now to where they want to be.

Mark WardellPresidentWardell International

A “must have” for any business owner who isn’t exactly sure where they’re going or how to get there (that would be most of us).

David WilmotChairTEC Canada

The one planning tool you need to get the job done.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what these business owners have to say about learning how to plan with Plan Genie.

Service Master

Canaan Group


Business Coaching Using Plan Genie

Recruiting new clients and retaining existing clients is an ongoing challenge for most business coaches. The Plan Genie Partner Program is designed to assist business coaches to rapidly attract new clients and build long term revenue from existing clients.

The Strangest Mystery in Modern Business!

All the research shows that companies that work from a plan are more successful than those that don’t, yet 9 out of 10 business owners don’t have a written plan to run their business.

This makes no sense, how is this possible?

Plan Genie unlocks the mystery. Discover how easy it is to work from a plan. The Plan Genie Business Trainer teaches business owners how to work from a plan, and the cloud based software makes it easy to keep the plan current and responsive to the changing situations every company faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plan Genie?

An online tool to help you run your business from a written plan. Plan Genie is an educational product which provides detailed training through video training modules, an instructional workbook and an online software to get your plan produced. Plan Genie is a living product to be reviewed and revised each business quarter for best results for your business practice.

How do I get signed up with Plan Genie?

For new users, buying an annual subscription, please go to “Register” on the top menu (or click here) and follow the instructions.

You will need your credit card to purchase Plan Genie online. We use a banking level encryption program throughout our software and use the 3rd party provider, Stripe,which is an industry leader in online payments for payment processing. If you would prefer to use e-transfer, this can be done by first contacting us at info@plangenie.com to arrange.

If you are signing onto Plan Genie via an email invite, please note that you need to create your own password and login with the email you signed in with, each time you come back. The email invite is unique to the email you provided. If you cannot find your email invite, please check your spam folder first.

Can I get funding help for my business planning?

If you are a Canadian business, the answer is likely “yes”.

Since Plan Genie is not just a software but a full planning course, we have partnered with Grandesco College as our education partner to assist in education delivery.  If you are a business owner in Canada, you may qualify for a Canada Job Grant. Please contact info@grandescocollege.com to learn more about funding opportunities or contact us and we will put you in touch.

What if I get locked out of Plan Genie or have a question. How do I get help?

You can always reach us at info@plangenie.com and one of our team will get back to you with help.We are a people centered company. We welcome all questions and feedback. You can get your password reset if you get locked out.

How do I claim my money back guarantee?

If you have registered for Plan Genie and would like your money back we will simply verify you have paid for your software usage and will issue back to you as you paid. We will ask for some information surrounding your experience as we are always looking to improve the Plan Genie experience.

Only $395 for the first year!

Plan Genie is as affordable as it is easy. $395 for the first year, and $195 annual fee in subsequent years. All with out 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will refund your purchase.

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